"A great way to bring peace to the mind"
London Evening Standard

“Norman has been working within my NHS General Medical Practice…offering holistic breath therapy.

“During that time he has accepted referrals from four medical practitioners, three nurses and our counsellor, for a wide range of physical and emotional disorders.

“Significant clinical improvement has occurred in the majority of cases…”

“Treatments have been popular with patients and members of staff…”

“Clinical conditions treated have included anxiety and affective disorders, hypertension, asthma and chronic musculoskeletal pain.”

Dr. Ruth O ’Hare MA MRCP D BCH
NHS Practice, Central London

“I highly recommend the original holistic therapy being used and taught by Mr. Norman Taylor.

“I consulted with him some months ago suffering from shock and deep trauma, which under general medical practice would
have been treated with anti-depressant drugs.

“Having chosen to take the alternative drug less programme being offered by Mr. Taylor, I am now in better health, feeling restored through his teachings and his sharing and caring attitude.

“Mr. Taylor’s knowledge of the human condition on many levels and spiritually has been an inspiration and an invaluable aid to my own healing process.

Lady Ann Lucas

“One of Norman’s greatest gifts is that he is what I can only describe as an instinctive nurse within the true meaning of that word to nourish.  He has an intuitive feel and ability for looking after those in need of such nourishing care, helping them not only in physical ways - with a natural delicacy and sureness of touch - but to engage in the inner process of coming to terms with the great questions of life and death.

Jane Mayers, MA (Edin) MA Dev. Psych. (Sussex)
Independent Analytical Psychotherapist

"No drugs. No side effects. Norman Taylor's approach to stress relief is the most sensible method available to remove or reduce stress from your life. Norman has the careful manner that puts you at ease."
Neil Fellowes, coach, author and founder of Community Soul

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