Stress Release

Stress Release and Relaxation is a holistic treatment and involves a series of simple breathing exercises.

Holistic means treating a person's whole being; the mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions as well as the physical.

It can be undertaken by anyone, regardless of age or physical condition.

It has proved particularly effective in relieving stress and anxiety caused by the impact of everyday life.

It is now well understood that these states and conditions are an underlying factor in many common ailments and more serious chronic conditions and diseases.

Stress Release and Relaxation enhances the individual's own healing processes. It is proving highly effective and popular in addressing a wide range of complaints and illnesses:

  • minor conditions such as headache, skin complaints, nervousness and insomnia
  • chronic conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorders, anxiety states caused by grief or other trauma, depression and asthma
  • serious conditions such as hypertension, heart disorders and diabetes

Illness and disease are stress-related. Stress Release comes with better breathing. Therefore consciously improved breathing patterns can contribute to lifelong freedom from illness.

The regular practise of Stress Release and Relaxation brings great restfulness and a sense of your own inner peace.

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