Natural Breathing

The importance of breathing to stress relief is accepted practice, but I have taken the process to the next step - re-educating your body to use the natural breathing patterns we were all born with but which many of us have lost as a result of the pressures and speed of modern life.

Many of the common illnesses and diseases - including heart and circulatory illnesses, depression and anxiety etc - can be alleviated by better breathing.

Natural Breathing is the kind of spontaneous, whole-body breathing that one can observe in an infant or a young child.

Instead of trying to learn to breathe naturally, many people impose complicated breathing techniques on top of their already bad breathing habits.

These habits are not in harmony with psychological and physiological laws of the mind and body.

I'll show you how to turn your illness and your life around, and to manage the impact of stress on the psyche and the body - rather than the demands of everyday life managing you.

Holistic Therapy

For some years I have been practicing a gentle and simple form of holistic therapy based around learning - or re-learning - correct and relaxed natural breathing.

Benefits are felt quickly and the therapy is complimentary, not interfering in any way with other treatments that may be on-going.

People stressed by the demands of work, relationships, financial pressures and the like have been freed from anxiety and a sense of helplessness.

It has been invaluable to people suffering from a wide range of stress-related psychological, emotional and nervous conditions, including anxiety, insomnia etc.

Some more serious illnesses such as asthma, heart disease, diabetes and hypertension have also responded very positively.

For all of us, whether sick or well, learning corrective breathing can only enhance our quality of life.

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