About Me

I have been interested and involved in holistic health for over 25 years, promoting a healthy lifestyle as the best way to understand and  avoid illness.

The holistic approach means attending to the whole person: mind, body and spirit together.

"I believe physical health and emotional well being cannot be separated. My Natural Breathing exercises work to boost our overall health by improving the efficiency of our heart, lungs and nervous system and transforming the negative effects of modern living into positive energy."

By applying simple breathing techniques, anyone can learn to improve the quality of their lives.

I am committed to exploring life through philosophical inquiry and the art of healing - to understand the entire person through the illness, not through interpretation of what I think is the cause of the illness.

I have worked with my Natural Breathing techniques in a busy London, West End NHS surgery and now practise at Crawford Street, London, W1

I live and work in Somerset, seeing clients privately in Bristol, Bath,, Exeter and London and a NHS surgery the south west.

For more information and appointments, contact me here.

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