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    Stress Release through Relaxation a simple and Holistic treatment

For many years
l have had an on-going interest in the relationship between natural breathing and well being. Corrective natural breathing re-educates the body, creating relaxation and relieving stress and stress-related illness.  Through accumulated tensions and reactions we have lost contact with our body; we live largely in the head and as a result we are desensitized to the feeling of the real body.  Managing and releasing the causes of stress is the key to health.
Breathing is a natural function but because of tension and fear there tends to be a constant unconscious manipulation of our breath The holistic approach  requires you treat the whole person which includes, physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our nature.

Simple breathing exercises will help you re-learn the natural breathing rhythms you learnt when you took your first breath. They aid physical. mental, emotional and spiritual health and alleviate serious illnesses such as respiratory difficulties, hypertension, heart conditions, asthma, diabetes, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and various nervous conditions affected by stresses of daily life.

I  worked for many years in an NHS general practice in central London,  My work is entirely complementary with other medical practices.  I see clients privately in London. I also have my own private practice in Somerset , Bristol, Bath and south west England.

Learn the art of natural breathing to promote health and wellbeing


Holistic healing to banish stress and improve your quality of life


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